One of the distinctive features of our business on the Aftermarket is the possibility of regenerating products in a good state of repair, with a consequent reduction in costs and also in impacts on the environment.

Regeneration promotes intelligent, modern use of consumables such as, for example the large high diameter discs of machine presses from which we remove the worn friction material, clean the metal support in order to remove impurities and then glue and/or rivet on the friction ring.

This procedure is adopted in each sector, from agriculture to industry, to lifting equipment, where the still functional and structurally sound metal support can be re-used, restoring the friction material according to the highest standards and industrial practices.

Some examples are provided below.
materiali usati per l'industria, materiale usurato, materiale danneggiato

Worn material

materiale riparato, materiali rigenerati per l'industria, materiali rigenerati per applicazioni industriali

After our intervention

Another service we offer our customers is construction to drawing of parts not available on the market which are specifically created for the required mechanical application.

Some examples are provided below.
progetto su disegno, realizzazione su disegno, progettazione
componentistica industriale, prodotti per l'industria, accessori per l'industria
Two different materials have been inserted in this end product for the specific application that these two bars were required to perform.
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