Selection of the materials is extremely important.

Very often the "Ferodo" brand is used to indicate only the friction material.

There is no single friction material and the technical specifications (temperature, mechanical strength, traction, humidity, friction coefficient) must be studied for each application in order to establish the material to be used in each specific case.
settore automotive, tessuto per settore automotive, costruzione automobilii

The fabric

The fabric is specifically formulated for automotive clutches and guarantees high level reliability and minimum wear.

Copper-reinforced fibreglass is a material with very high mechanical strength able to dissipate high heat loads.

Our fabric has a high resistance to heat and does not produce fumes.

It has a friction coefficient of 0.45 ±0.05 µ

Highly suitable for oil bath clutches.
tessuto per industria, tessuto per bagno d'olio, elementi filtranti per l'industria


anelli in gomma, componenti industriali in gomma, impasto in gomma

Soft compound

The Soft compound is a rubber-based material featuring high strength and flexibility. The material also contains steel fibres and is suitable for gluing. This material is used in various fields, from agriculture to construction machinery, the engineering industry and as base material for presses. It must be adopted in absolutely dry conditions.

Friction coefficient 0.45 ±0.05µ

Hard compounds

Various qualities of hard components are available and must be selected according to the application of the machinery.

We propose a green-coloured hard compound based on randomly-inserted small metal filaments which facilitate heat dissipation and increase product strength.

It consists of a selected mix of modifying agents and binders developed to enhance product technical characteristics. Similarly to all the compounds, it must operate in dry conditions. Dynamic friction coefficient 0.42µ. There are also compounds with graphitised material in varying percentages according to technical requirements. We propose many hard materials that are widely used and appreciated specifically for their hardness and mechanical strength.

Phenolic resin compounds with NBR binder, short fibres, modifying agents and metal particles. Some examples are provided below:
impasto rigido per l'industria, materiali per l'industria, accessori per l'industria

Hard green

impasto con grafite per l'industria, materiale grafitato, materiale con grafite

with graphite

materiale per applicazioni industriali, impasto per applicazioni industriali, materiale resistente

standard hard

materiale ad alta resistenza meccanica, impasto ad alta resistenza meccanica, impasto resistente ad alte temperature

for high temperatures
high mechanical strength


materiale con metalli, fibre aramidiche, materiale per l'industria
This product features high performance, excellent friction and wear performance, does not contain metals and consists of aramid fibres.

It is considered the alternative friction material to sintered material and offers considerable advantages.

It withstands high energy inputs, can work in dry conditions and in the presence of oils, is non-abrasive and, therefore, does not damage mechanical parts, withstands high pressures with a minimum wear rate also at high temperatures.
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