industrial clutches


We have been active in this sector for many years also with products for industrial clutches. Wherever transmission of power or motion is involved, the clutch becomes an indispensable component.

Also in this sector, we propose a vast range of clutches, all according to the application involved, including clutch rings, blocks, parts, plates, flat drilled segments, bushes, collars, etc.
componenti frizioni industriali, manutenzione frizioni industriali, realizzazione frizioni industriali

Other parts

componentistica macchine industriali, revisione frizioni industriali, riparazione frizioni industriali

Technical items for various types of industrial machinery

boccole in bronzo, boccole in acciaio, collari per l'industria

Collars, bushes

guarnizioni per l'industria, guarnizioni industriali, anelli di tenuta

Toothed rings and Drilled Rings, Kevlar rings for oil bath

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