Brakes for lifting equipment


Large industrial plants comprise numerous lifting systems and hoists to help workers carry out their tasks faster and with less effort.

These include large capacity winches for cableways, bridge cranes installed in large industrial sheds or those used at ports for handling goods and moving ships. In this sector, according to plant technical specifications (capacity, operating temperature, speed), we furnish the raw material: the woven or moulded lining or the pad with the friction material. We also operate in the construction industry where, in the winches of non-hydraulic lifts, we find the so-called "ferodo".

In this case, we furnish the complete woven/moulded roll linings and the fabric segment with side bevels of different size according to system.
argani per ascensori, argani per funivie, argani per impianti di sollevamento
freni meccanici, guarnizioni freno, freni per la grande industria

Examples of winches for lifts, cableways, lifting equipment

movimentazione dei materiali, manutenzione carroponte, dispositivo di frenata
freno a disco, componenti per la robotica, componenti per l'automazione

Bridge cranes

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