Industrial brakes


When it was established in 1930s, company business focussed mainly on the industrial sector.

At that time, the main friction material was asbestos, subsequently banned and replaced with equally valid friction products.

We supply both OEMs and companies specialised in industrial maintenance and also retailers of industrial technical articles.

We operate in a very broad range of sectors, from mechanical presses to the automotive industry, from industrial sewing machines to centrifuges, addressing each sector according to an analysis of the technical specifications of the various applications.

In addition to constructing custom parts according to technical drawings or samples, we furnish brake pads that are used in rotary presses in the paper-making industry, in mechanical presses, in the automotive sector, in rewinders and in many other sectors.

We produce various parts that, in addition to braking, also act as clutch for robotics and the automation of industrial plants, such as for example mechanical arms.
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