Gattelli Brakes and Clutches - A long history

Set up in 1929 by Luisa Gattelli, great great aunt of the current owner, as a commercial company for brake and clutch spares for Lancia vehicles and trucks and for industrial lifting and drilling equipment, Gattelli is still located in the historic zone of Milan of the former Lazzaretto di Porta Venezia.
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In the 1960s, when the second generation joined the staff of the company, it broadened its product range and extended its scope of business to the agricultural sector, selling FIAT original spare parts for tractors and earth moving machinery.

From one generation to the next

In the early 1990s, the ban on the use of asbestos as friction material completely revolutionized the sector, imposing rapid identification of new materials and research into innovative technologies in order to develop new, high quality products able to meet customers’ requirements.
This resulted in the selection of new suppliers able to meet this need and, now that the third generation has joined the company, Gattelli is ready to address the market with renewed strength and vitality.
We therefore propose a wide range of brake and clutch spares for industrial, agricultural and earth moving machinery of all leading manufacturers.

Gattelli Brakes and Clutches - Today

Another strong point of the company is its ability to provide customers with parts manufactured to their drawings and customised to their specific requirements in the shearing, forging, coining, drawing, hot forging, paper making and lift sectors.

The company has recently extended its business to the renewable energy sector, more specifically wind energy, proposing various brake pads employed in the tower braking system.

In the near future, we plan to set up an industrial pool of companies specialised in the friction materials sector that will constitute a Reference Point for Brakes and Clutches in Italy.
Our goal is constant improvement and continuous enhancement of quality, flexibility and of relationships with customers, continuing to meet their needs.
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